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TBL Media helps businesses leverage the Internet to their competitive advantage. The Company has extensive experience successfully developing sound ideas into profitable ventures by applying intelligent business principles along with outstanding technical skills. TBL partners with the client to achieve optimum results.

Specifically, TBL develops web-based applications that address business process needs. We are particularly experienced at e-commerce solutions where there is a high volume of web based sales inquiries made as the initial contact and a high capacity, flexible database is required to support the ongoing communications and sales. TBL has a proven track record of driving qualified sales opportunities via the web through a variety of site promotion techniques.


TBL Media has experienced project management who are both business and technically savvy to take the project lead. They work with the client to fully identify the opportunity, understand the relevant business issues and constraints, and then architect the appropriate solution. The key value proposition is the fact that our development staff and production office is located in SE Asia. The skill levels are extraordinary, the work ethic is exceptional and the production cost is dramatically reduced, even by Indian standards where many large U.S. based companies have been outsourcing work. This enables TBL to pass on significant savings to the client. TBL’s local stateside project manager/consultants interface directly with the client developing the specifications and lead the development efforts of the offshore team.


TBL Media has developed tools sets or templates that are common to many business processes. These templates are used to jump start a project, allow the prospective client to see a working model of their solution and provide for a rapid deployment to market. The templates are easily customizable. They are already proven in business models sustaining high traffic volumes and yielding significant revenues.

It is significant to restate that because our costing is a blend of U.S. consulting talent and SE Asian graphic designers and programmers, our typical project costs are dramatically less of the U.S. based competition. The client will find that the quality of workmanship, speed in delivery and economy is unsurpassed.
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